Tropical fish & coldwater fish , Sea Bass , Barramundi , Tilapia fingerlings exporter from Thailand.  We supplied quality fish and plants from sources.

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Aquatic Plants
The aquarium plant export industry in Thailand has been developing in recent decades. At least two hundred varieties are meant for exporting purposes. Many of them are collected and cultured in suburban areas. This business requires a fairly large and continuous supply of high quality disease-free plant.  Currently we are the main company and teams engaged in the aquatic plant production and exports. Tissue culture technique for the mass production of aquatic plants has been established for year round and mass supply.  We export aquatic plants of the Highest Quality and neat packing.  All plant's shipments must be inspect and get Phytosanitary health certificate for plants.  We handle a complete line of Pond Plants as well as whatever your aquarium plant needs are for your wholesale markets.     Contact us for more information.




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