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Thanks for your interest in our genuine natural driftwood.  For natural beauty, color, and character in a driftwood centerpiece there's nothing to compare to the real thing.  We also sell 100's of varieties of aquatic plants and also driftwood with plants. 

Our driftwood sinks naturally.  It is collected under water so there is no need for an awkward base to keep it from floating.  This is not just a chunk of wood.   A general description would include such features as arches, branches, holes, caves, and hollows.  Each piece is unique.  For color and character this is the very best.

Each centerpiece has been painstakingly cleaned and is completely safe for your aquarium.  Our driftwood will not turn your water dark.

Fish love this natural driftwood.  As soon as the centerpiece is introduced into the aquarium the fish will go to the wood.  Plecos love this wood.  Fish that normally stay close to the bottom will begin swimming in the middle and upper levels of the tank.

Tons of pieces have been sold through the wholesalers.    Natural driftwood is the finishing touch to a beautiful aquascape.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 


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