Tropical fish & coldwater fish , Sea Bass , Barramundi , Tilapia fingerlings exporter from Thailand.  We supplied quality fish and plants from sources.

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Ornamental fish & Aquatic Plants

     We're ornamental fish , fish fry / fingerlings , importer and exporter by highly invested in facility and product's quality.       Our stock and quarantine concrete tanks are 3 tons sized and nearly 200 tanks for through the year stocking fishes included seasonal wild-caught species and best quarantine before export.

       We also setup our network of supplier teams for mass supplied tropical fish and aquatic plants to worldwide wholesalers. Our facilities are the Ornamental fish good sanitation and disease free farm certified by Department of Fisheries , Thailand.
Our certificate number TH-1331050006 for export to all other countries.

       We cooperate with Department of Fisheries by strict routinely monitored our fish for optimum healthy and quality.     We also used PCR method for testing our Koi for ensurely clean from KHV and SVC viruses.
We prepare special stock of Sharks, Catfish, Gourami, Livebearer, Betta, Cichlids, Discus, Aquatic plants, etc.     All the exported Ornamental fish and Aquatic plants must be best treat and prepare shipments from our own facilities close to Bangkok International Airport.  

        Please feel free to contact us for discussion or inform the spec or requirement of fingerlings that you prefer for your fish farm industry.
We've experienced in packing live fish to oversea destinations included US and Middle East by certified live fish exporter from Department of Fisheries, Thailand.      

       By our big invested in quarantine station for customer's satisfaction in quality, best price and best service.      We always welcome visitor to visit us.     Contact us

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