Tropical fish & coldwater fish , Sea Bass , Barramundi , Tilapia fingerlings exporter from Thailand.  We supplied quality fish and plants from sources.

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Tropical Fish

Freshwater ornamental fish are originally collected from the wild and cultured in the aquarium.      More than three hundred different species such as shark, barb, Siamese fighting fish, catfish, goldfish, scarventure, eel, loach, rasbora, gourami, botia, knife fish, brackish, oscar, discus, livebearers and carp have been bred by the network farms.      More recently, African and American cichlids began to become available to dealers and hobbyist.      The number of these new species that have been discovered and imported to Thailand is around two hundred fifty species.    Almost all of them are now being successfully bred and being exported mainly from the central part of the country.    Contact us for more information.


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